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Visit our SalesforceSputnik-3 delivers the very latest in sales innovation by implementing, training and coaching three unique disciplines; (1) intelligent software applications, (2) deep sales methodologies and (3) professional selling skills. We implement solutions from Callidus Cloud, Salesforce.com and The TAS Group to improve the way you sell.

Our “game changing” solutions cover Demand Generation, CRM, Opportunity and Account Management. These solutions are tiered to comfortably fit into large complex Enterprises or small “start ups” where we use our “best practice” knowledge to give Small and Medium Enterprises an advantage over their competitors.

And, to help make more time for selling, we implement tools that have been developed for sales people by sales people. They fit the lifestyle of successful sales people, help close deals faster and empower users to better be able Sales Effectiveness & Innovationto better predict the outcomes of their sales activities by enabling them to act on real-time insights and coaching.

Combining sales methodology, process & skills, intelligent software, the ability to leverage predictive analytics and consulting services, Sputnik-3’s solutions continuously improve the performance of sales organisations and people in the areas that really matter.


If you have arrived at this page, are from South Africa and have not been redirected to our local site, please click www.sputnik-3.co.za to visit the Sputnik-3 website with content specific to South Africa.



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