“Improving Revenue Growth and Leadership Performance”


Building a “learning sales organization” – a sales force that values continuous development, responds quickly to market changes, and adapts to changing priorities – doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a careful capability building, and significant culture change for many organizations.

Sputnik-3 works with businesses to Lead, Measure and Manage their sales teams to revenue attainment success. We recognise that sales teams operate within an integrated ecosystem who’s success lies it’s ability to create and leverage symbiotic relationships. Our offerings span from high-end predictive software for complex selling for Large Organisations to automated, cost effective, packaged knowledge & best practice for Small & Medium Business.

We have three core competencies embodied in the implementation, training and coaching of;

The Leadership Circle (1) leadership & organisational development

(2) deep sales methodologies and

(3) customer facing intelligent software.

Our aim is implement solutions that are proven in the market, deliver rapid returns and don’t require a significant amounts of ongoing maintenance.

Simply put, we see functionality in simplicity.

The more precisely I drive, the more I enjoy myself

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